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Did you buy all your Christmas presents? Here are some green ideas!

This year the Christmas holidays are tinged with green: here are 10 gift ideas for a Christmas 2021 in the name of sustainability and the environment

Christmas is upon us and the time has come to choose which gifts to surprise and make friends and relatives happy. Never before has happiness coincided with self-care and personal well-being, but also with a rediscovered love for nature and the environment. While, on the one hand, the need to spend more time at home has awakened interest in technological gifts related to the sphere of entertainment and communication, on the other, the demand for useful and eco-sustainable products is also growing. Let's go and discover 10 eco-friendly gift ideas, for a peaceful and "green" Christmas 2021. 1) Set for the vegetable garden at home The hobby of the garden at home has grown strongly in the past year, as is the offer of kits that can be purchased, more and more functional and increasingly creative. The cheapest and easiest to use gift idea consists of a set that includes a wooden cube, a biodegradable pot and everything needed for cultivation and maintenance, naturally including plant seeds. You can choose to plant classic herbs or chillies, or more whimsical alternatives ranging from hops to avocados. Going up a little in price, you can instead opt for real indoor mini greenhouses, for growing plants, herbs and vegetables at home. 2) The "plantable" pencils

Let's stay in the gardening field to tell you about a unique ecological gadget of its kind, and which in fact represents a double gift. We are talking about the Sprout Pencils, made of 100% natural and organic wood, which have the particularity of containing, inside the tip, a small seed. Once the pencil has been used up, it is in fact possible to “plant it” to be able to see it germinate. There are many pencils available in special editions: from Christmas to customizable ones. 3) Zero waste starter kit Another practical kit that is very fashionable, and which represents an original gift idea, is the one designed for those who want to start embracing a lifestyle based on zero waste, i.e. reducing waste to the maximum and, consequently, environmental impact. These kits contain a wide selection of beauty, home and travel products including an organic cotton shopping bag, reusable and eco-friendly food containers, ecological washing machine spheres, a bamboo cutlery set and much more. 4) Zero waste cookbooks The zero-waste recipe book is also very popular this year, designed for those who want to learn how to cook while avoiding food waste as much as possible. In fact, these are collections of ecological recipes that teach how to use both leftovers and expiring products that we have in the fridge and in the pantry, in an easy and creative way. 5) Plant-based wax film wrap for food To stay in the area of ​​zero waste in the kitchen, plant-based wax wrapping film is a great choice for another Christmas purchase. It is very useful and trendy, colourful, washable and reusable. It is an ecological and anti-waste alternative to the plastic film. The materials they are made of are all-natural, breathable and antibacterial, perfect for preserving food and keeping it fresh. 6) Bamboo toothbrushes For some years now, bamboo has been declared one of the most sustainable, flexible and resistant natural and biodegradable materials. In fact, it is widely used in eco-furniture and bio-architecture, but it is also used for a wide range of products for the home and for personal hygiene, from cotton buds to reusable make-up remover pads. For Christmas 2021, we advise you to opt for a set of bamboo toothbrushes: you can choose, for example, among those for adults or children, the colored ones, the travel ones, those with the interchangeable head, etc ... 7) Natural straws The environmental damage that the use of disposable plastic straws has caused globally is well known. Fortunately, the variety of eco-friendly alternatives is growing on the market, made with sustainable and renewable materials. For lovers of cocktails or takeaway drinks, what better gift, then, than these ecological and reusable straws? There are bamboo, stainless steel, wheat and even edible ones and those made with grown grass. 8) Refillable and reusable scented candles Never before has it been so important to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere at home, so why not give away some rechargeable, and reusable scented candles with a refined and elegant design? This product, in addition to having the advantage of the high quality, is ecological and available in many fragrances. Check our products for soy wax natural scented candles. 9) Eco-friendly yoga mat Let's stay in the field of personal well-being with the ecological mat for yoga or fitness. Perfect for athletes who care about environmental issues, this new type of mat has the advantage of being made with 100% eco-sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable materials, but also of being hypoallergenic, waterproof, easy to wash and non-slip. 10) Shampoo bar Finally, we close with a product for beauty and personal hygiene that has been becoming popular in recent years, namely the solid vegetable shampoo. These are soap-shampoos, available in many fragrances and colours, made only with natural and organic ingredients, and therefore free of preservatives and dyes. Furthermore, compared to traditional shampoo, it allows a great saving in terms of money, space and plastic consumption, and also has the advantage of lasting months and is easily transported on trips, including air travel. As we have seen, there is something for all ages and for all needs! Whatever item you decide to give as a gift, you can make the purchase with the joy and awareness of having contributed to the health of the planet ... and of all of us.


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